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The raucous, bitingly funny post-rock opera from avant-garde theater icon Richard Foreman and celebrated composer Michael Gordon marks the Los Angeles debut of the Center for New Performance. A pageant of seductiveness gone wrong -- as everyone on stage turns less and less beautiful, something more ecstatic that beauty slowly reveals its awesome 21st-century face. Foreman’s brilliantly staged action is set to a powerful score by Gordon, a cofounder of the Bang on a Can Festival, who has been widely lauded for bringing the unruly vitality of popular forms to contemporary art music.




“The production, mounted by CalArts' Center for New Performance, is a riot, what with its flamboyant murals (Kate Manheim), wacky props (Carolina Angulo) and outlandish costumes (E.B. Brooks) all merrily competing for attention.”

- Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times 9/22/2006


See also Variety for a full review of the production.







Roy and Edna Disney/CALARTS Theatre (REDCAT)


Writer: Richard Foreman

Composer: Michael Gordon

Directed by: Richard Foreman

Costume Design: E.B. Brooks

Lighting Designer: John Eckert;

Mural Designer: Kate Manheim

Sound Designer: Colbert S. Davis IV.




Soprano: Sarah Chalfy

Alto: Harmony Jiroudek

Soprano: Marja-Liisa Kay

Tenor: Marc Lowenstein



Areni Agbabian

Stephanie Aston

Sylvia Desrochers

Mayra Gallo

Julia (Yoon-Jeong) Hwang

Tany Ling


Movement Ensemble:

Antonio Anagaran

Jason Ball

Sarah Dahlen

Bridget Fenner

Loren Fenton

Ayana Hampton

Eddie Lopez

David Mack

Nicole Marquis

Liam Springthorpe

Reina Tokura



Richard Foreman

Juliana Francis