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Costumes are a tool for character exploration.  Each project is a series of experiments with form, character, and story.  The costume designer functions as a mathematician, engineer, artist, collaborator, and problem solver.  In a diverse range of productions, the costume designer discovers how the costume and body influence one another, while striving to create stunning visual compositions that support the action of the script. A professional designer should involve global consciousness in their work, while re-useing and re-purposing existing garments and alternative materials into the costumes required for creative expression.  It is necessary to add ecologically sustainable practices to the arts.




2010 30th annual Ticketholder Award for Best Costume Design

        - Blithe Spirit at A Noise Within.

2010 LA Weekly award for Best Production Design

        - Brewsie and Willie.

2003 University of Maryland, Department of Theater:

        Dean and Mrs. Charles Manning Schoilarship

2002 University of Maryland, College Park Creative and Performing Arts Scholar

2001 UMCP Study Abroad Scholarship- Japan: A View from the Performing Arts




E.B’s work with film continues to appear at an increasing number of international festivals across the globe. Her costumes have traveled to Germany, Poland, and France with City Dance Ensemble of Washington D.C. In 2001, E.B. received a scholarship to study performing arts in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, Japan focusing on Kabuki Theater and Koto Performance. She also received a scholarship to study at la Conservatario de la Roses in Morelia, Mexico with the Washington Performing Arts Society.




At a young age, E.B. spent a lot of time with her grandmother who was a concert violinist throughout the 1930’s-1950’s. Sarah Brooks had an incredible collection of dresses from her days as a performer and noticed that her grandaughter took a profound interest in them. Sarah taught E.B. how to sew by cutting up old clothes, curtains, and anything else they could find. They would make patterns from newspaper and sew their creations together by hand or on an old foot-pedaled Singer. As a result of her grandmother’s guidance, E.B. is fearless when it comes to making costumes and has the ability to see possibility in old, un-needed items. Her siblings were her first models and in addition to playing dress-up and hosting neighborhood photoshoots.


As a designer, her favorite materials are silk jersey, tracing paper, tulle, plaid fabric, newsprint, recycled fur, leather, and cellophane. She enjoys long walks on the beach in soft focus, diesel cars, toast, puppies that sing, and reading palms in exchange for drinks. Her favorite color is panetone 1795 cvc- Rebel Red that reminds her of grenadine syrup. In addition to costume design E.B. greatly enjoys a diverse range of music and plays the violin, ukelele, guitar, and banjo. E.B. spends her free time hiking in the mountains, swimming outdoors, and enjoying nature.




When teaching the arts, E.B. has devoted many of her classes and designs to the philosophy of sustainable, recycled art with exciting results. The practice of adapting and learning from existing garments is a fun and fearless way for students to learn about costume design and construction. This transformation has empowered students on various projects and will impact not only their own lives, but also the global community. The future evolution of the film and performing arts industry is  both fascinating and inspiring.  With each successive artistic season, E.B. desires to have a hand in the guidance of the next generation as a designer and a teacher.



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