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E.B. Brooks, Costume Designer


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You are defined by a handful of memories that make you who you are.  That haunt you. You recreate them in your mind, but you know they’re gone. You can never go back.  Or can you?  By journeying into the uncanny valley you come face to face with these essential memories, made palpable and alive. For ten years Hand2Mouth has rigorously trained to make this journey into the unconscious mind, and now we present an athletic exploration into the mechanism of memory and the time machine of live performance.  With Uncanny Valley, Hand2Mouth takes the highly personal, wildly exuberant, hyper designed aesthetic we’ve become known for one step further, into the realm of the metaphysical.

Hand To Mouth Theatre


Composer: Ash Black Bufflo

Director: Jonathan Walters

Set Designer: Efren Delgadillo

Costume Designer: E.B. Brooks

Lighting Designer: Chris Kuhl




Marc Friedman

Julie Hammond

Maesie Spears

Liz Hayden

Faith Helma

Jeb Pearson

Jerry Tischleder