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E.B. Brooks, Costume Designer


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A SmallFormFilms Production

Director: Lee Lynch

Production & Costume Design: E.B. Brooks


Hi Good is a historical figure, a notorious hunter of Indians who operated  in North Carolina and was brutally murdered in 1870, a few years after  abandoning his sinister mandate. While Lee Lynch gained his reputation with  films that are curiously ‘anthropological’, tied in with the American landscape  and its distant past (including: The Wash, FID 2006 and Bower’s Cave, FID  2009, both made with Lee Anne Schmidt), he comes back this time with an  authentic Western, in costume. All this, on a budget that is clearly more than  a tad modest and a traditional narrative that is somewhat chaotic.


For here, from the starting point of this true story, we revisit the relationship  between Pale Faces and Red Skins, refusing over-simplification and digging  deeper into these ambiguous relationships made, according to the film, as  much through fascination as repulsion, as much through blind paternalism  as the desire to do away with a fraudulent, guilty father. By the same token,  The Murder mixes mocked-up old style images with others treated in an  explicitly contemporary way, blurring naturalism with the fantastic and all  without turning a hair. In the end, this is a genre film that breaks its own rules  specifically so as to shed new light on the very genre itself.


Steve Turner Contemporary (visit this site to view information about the film as a video installation.)

FID International Film Festival


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