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E.B. Brooks, Costume Designer


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Scion Audio/Visual Magazine

Director: Evelyn Lee

Costume Design: E.B. Brooks


A film by Evelyn Lee about Aleks Andra Tomasewska's experience moving to Chicago from Poland.


A city's Chinatown or Little Italy used to be a starting point, a small pocket in a big place where people could surround themselves with the familiar and get their bearings before pushing into the broader culture. As more countries became represented in the United States, more of these types of neighborhoods emerge--Little Portugal, Koreatown, Little Armenia and so on. Then they weren't just a series of metropolitan blocks, they came to define whole suburbs and towns. Still they often remained a point of entry, a place for the next generation to abandon when they were ready. But now more and more young people are choosing to stay or return to them, getting involved and improving the communities that raised them. This magazine is filled with people who define themselves by where they are from.

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