E. b. brooks

E.B. Brooks, Costume Designer


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AEverything Productions

Director: J. R. Smith

Puppet Designer: Chase Woolner

Production Designer: Kit Stolen

Puppet Fabrication: E.B. Brooks & Kim Ngo

Costume Design: E.B. Brooks


Imaginus Zoo takes place aboard a contemporary space station with built-in ecosystems. Our satellite ark includes artificial habitats like the arctic, jungles, desserts and oceans. Each habitat always seems to be on the verge of catastrophe, but luckily the IZoo crew saves the day.


The band of animals is led by Memo, a cute teddy bear with special powers who strives to make the world a better place. With sci-fi absurdist humor, the Imaginus Zoo crew’s hilarious space adventures never cease to entertain. Though the journeys are full of laughs, they teach viewers valuable life lessons along the way.


As our heroic animals soar across our solar system, they will encounter robots, aliens and new friends on their missions. The young audience will learn fundamental life skills for the developing mind– while occasionally being introduced to advanced ecological, scientific and technological concepts. Our stories possess something of value for us all!

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