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A fresh take is apparent from the surgical elimination of the spooky throat-clearing scene on the battlements of Castle Elsinore. In its place, a silent prologue spotlights the grief-stricken Hamlet (Leo Marks) kneeling before a towering cross at his father's funeral. Cutting to the unseemly revelry, two months later, at the marriage of Hamlet's mother, Gertrude (Lee Ann Manley), to his uncle Claudius (Paul Sulzman) neatly telescopes the two seismic events that threaten his sanity.


“Kubzansky’s production twists the 16th-century tale of full-blooded beastliness into something much more modern and psychologically nuanced. Even the costumes, designed by E.B. Brooks, are modern suits and jackets sliced, folded, and rearranged to approximate the shapes of period garments, but without any attempt to disguise their origins.”

-Elizabeth Schwyzer, Independent 7/20/2009








Director:  Jessica Kubzansky

Scenic Design: Kurt Boetcher

Lighting Design: Jeremy Pivnick

Costume Design: E.B. Brooks



Lee Ann Manley

Leo Marks

Paul Sulzman

Danielle Jones

Tim Cummings

Joel Egger

Armando McClain

David Glasser