E. b. brooks

E.B. Brooks, Costume Designer


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New Artist Alliance

Director: John Suits

Costume Designer: E.B. Brooks


Family of Four is a drama that explores the problems facing an American family struggling to deal with hidden desires and personal limitations.


“Alexandra Paul plays Janice, an unstable mother and a recovering alcoholic pent up with guilt and rage, who trades addiction for a life of deceit and adultery with an underachieving husband who, put off with the lack of passion in his marriage, pursues a young coworker in an attempt to regain his youth,” explains director, John Suits. “Their teenage daughter, overwhelmed by insecurity, trades her sexuality for acceptance. Their seven-year-old son, lamenting the loss of his imaginary friend due to prescribed medication, trades fantasy for the harsh reality of his surroundings.”


This is the second feature film for director-writer Suits.

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