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Laura Schellhardt's drama, "Courting Vampires," is a boldly conceptual and ambitious character study about a woman's attempt to save her sister from the grips of a blood-sucking predator. But the play suffers from long-winded abstraction that renders its storyline in overly abstruse dramatic strokes.


The play takes place entirely in the head of its protagonist, an uptight fact-checker at a small newspaper. Her little sister is her opposite in every way -- vivacious, sensual and reckless. When a strange blood disease takes hold of the younger sibling, it's up to her big sister to seek out the vampire who infected her.


"On this unusual tiled floor we meet Nina (Maya Lawson). Blond, with a slightly nasal voice, she is jumping and dancing to fireworks dressed in one of those pseudo bohemian layered dresses with leggings underneath and worn out faded pink ballet slippers. In contrast, costume designer E.B. Brooks puts her older dark-haired sister Rill (Carey Peters) in a stiff dark gray jacket--looking like something inspired by both a military uniform and a straight jacket. She wears a pleated gray skirt and dark hose and sensible shoes. It's as if Rill, pronounced like real, never got over the Catholic school girl phase.”

- Jana Monji, Examiner 5/11/2009






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